Why did Flor de Caña become Fair Trade Certified™?

Sustainable development and growth has been a core value of Flor de Caña throughout its 125-year family history, with a holistic focus:

  • Environment: distilled 100% with renewable energy for 10+ years.
  • Employees: company school since 1913 and company hospital since 1958.
  • Community: main donor to the country’s largest non-profit for over 25 years.

"In the spirits industry, the trend toward environmental sustainability and social responsibility is just beginning. Flor de Caña is one of the early trailblazers in this space, and is one of just a few spirits companies to adopt Fair Trade practices in their supply chain. We’re excited by this partnership and the ripple effect that it’s poised to create." Paul Rice, President & CEO of Fair Trade USA.

As such, Fair Trade certification is a natural step in Flor de Caña’s historic commitment to sustainable sourcing and production practices. With this certification, Flor de Caña continues raising the bar for the global spirits industry around environmental sustainability and social responsibility, and creates a mechanism for investing in the workers producing the raw ingredients for the rum.

Flor de Caña's holistic sustainability model



  • Distilled 100% with Renewable Energy for 10+ years.
  • 50,000 trees planted annually for 12+ years.
  • 1,500 tons of waste recycled annually.



  • Company School since 1913. Free education to 600 children.
  • Company Hospital since 1958. More than 700 surgeries free of charge every year.



  • #1 donor of APROQUEN since 1991, which has provided 500,000 free medical services to child burn victims and children with cleft lip or palate.
  • Strong supporter of American Nicaraguan Foundation (ANF) for the past 15 years, a non-profit whose purpose is to relieve poverty in Nicaragua.

The purchase of Fair Trade Certified™ Flor de Caña helps empower communities and protect the planet

What does Fair Trade certification ensure?

The Fair Trade USA certification program ensures that the raw ingredients in Flor de Caña are produced under rigorous social and environmental standards - covering areas like safe working conditions, protection of fundamental human rights and environmental best practices.

It's also a way to help drive additional resources to the people who made the product. With every Fair Trade purchase, farmers and workers earn an additional premium to invest in projects of their choosing. It could be a health clinic, a school, scholarship funds, environmental projects, or anything the community identifies as a pressing need. This is the Fair Trade difference –our everyday choices, empowering others to improve their lives on their own terms.

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Which ingredient is certified today?

The raw material used by Flor de Caña for its rums.