The Rum Renaissance


El Renacimiento del Ron

According to Breakthru Beverage Group’s latest article “in 2017 sales of the ultra-premium rum segment increased by 15.8% in the U.S., signaling a new wave of premiumization across consumer purchases.” Millennial consumers are leaving Rum and Coke behind and seeking out spirits with a story.


“They want to know more about a spirit’s history, how and where it is made, as well as the people behind it.”


Rums are not sweet


The article belies the myth that all rums are sweet. Ashela Richardson, brand ambassador for Flor de Caña in the United States, explains that this myth is simply not true. Flor de Caña Rum, like any other spirit drink, undergoes fermentation during which yeast converts all sugars into alcohol. From there, the rum is 100% naturally aged in bourbon casks, without sugar or artificial additives.


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