If You Love Whiskey, You’ll Love this Aged Rum

Published on The Manual
November 9th, 2017

One of our favorites in the aged rum category (a category which is growing by the day and becoming an ever-more-expensive habit) is the 25-year-old expression from Flor de Caña.

Flor de Caña is a Nicaraguan company that has been in production for 125 years (and owned by the same family for five generations), producing rums that range from the Ultra Lite 4-year-old expression all the way up to what we just mentioned, their Flor de Caña 25 Years.

The rum, once distilled, is aged in American white oak barrels that are sealed with plantain leaves. Because of the temperature and climate of Nicaragua (and the fact that the distillery sits at the base of the most active volcano in the country, San Cristóbal), the rums are “slow-aged.” While the process takes little longer, the flavors that come out are well beyond their years, and also free of other ingredients like accelerants or additional sugar. The 25-year mark, according to global brand ambassador Mauricio Solórzano, is the perfect age for the rum — it brings out the best flavors without getting too much from the wood, which could ruin the product by making it become too tannic, etc.

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