Flor de Caña was awarded a Gold Medal at the 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, which was the biggest in its history, featuring more than 2,200 entries. Products awarded a Gold Medal are considered exceptional and near the pinnacle of achievement in their particular category; these products set the standard for all others of their type.

Flor de Caña wins Gold Medal at the 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

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Flor de Caña is a super premium, 5th generation single family estate rum from Nicaragua. Enriched by an active volcano, naturally aged without sugar, additives or artificial ingredients and distilled with 100% renewable energy. It is present in over 40 countries and was named the 2017 “Best Rum Producer of the Year” by the International Wine and Spirit Competition in London. Manufactured and distributed by Compañía Licorera de Nicaragua, S.A. (CLNSA).

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Flor de Caña is 100% sugar free, void from artificial colours and flavours. For the rest of the week our bus would happily sip from their bottomless cups. Macuás soon became a staple in our diets, acceptable at any time from breakfast to dinner.

Throughout the week, the rum gave us courage to complete a dozen or so activities that would seem daunting sober. Surfing down the side of an active volcano, tackling 5-foot waves in the Pacific Ocean, or hiking through coffee farms full of fire ants (eep!).

Whether exploring volcanos or walking through markets, Flor de Caña was always within reach – not only via Freddy, but throughout Nicaragua. Flor de Caña bottles glistened on the shelves of bars, restaurants and hotels. Local shops and tourist spots proudly hang Flor de Caña logo tanks and t-shirts in the windows as if were their local sports team. As Nicaragua’s most exported brand, the power and presence of Flor de Caña throughout the country is undeniable and incomparable to anything Canada. Seriously, it’s bigger than Tim’s.

Why are Nicaraguans, and people alike, so passionate about Flor de Caña? Maybe because the product is steeped in tradition, history and family – things all of us hold close to our hearts.

Flor de Caña itself is produced with help from Nicaragua’s biggest volcano – and most active – volcano, San Cristóbal. The rich volcanic soil and nutrient-packed water grow and strengthen the sugar cane plant to prep it for harvest and rum production. The volcanic environment also helps the evaporation process and aids the barrels in better flavouring the rum.

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It’s impossible to miss the rum maker’s presence upon entering Nicaragua. You literally get your passport stamped in the aura of Flor de Caña, as the country’s Customs and Immigration stations are wrapped in colorful Flor de Caña rum banners with turquoise waterfalls and verdant volcanos in the background. It’s the first thing you notice after the flight to Managua, sans the usual smack-in-the-face of tropical humidity.

Dating back to 1890, Flor de Caña is family-run-and-distilled rum brand similar to other heritage rum brands across the Northern Hemisphere’s tropical latitudes (…Ron Barcelo in Dominican Republic, Gosling’s in Bermuda, Appleton Estates in Jamaica, Bacardi in Puerto Rico). The portfolio stands out thanks to a distinct flavor unique to the mineral-rich volcanic soils of Nicaragua. Flor de Caña uses sugar cane grown in the shadows of the San Cristobal volcano, one of the most active volcanoes in Latin America. Sugar cane grown this highly fertile produces a rich, dark molasses. It’s distilled five-times over, resulting in an incredibly balanced dark rum after naturally aging in small white oak bourbon barrels sealed with plantain leaves.

Why Rum Aged At The Base Of An Active Volcano Is The Best Rum You’ll Ever Have In Your Life

The portfolio even takes on the geographic character of the barrelhouses in which Flor de Caña is aged – Natural ventilation allows for exposure to Nicaragua’s tropical humidity and volcanic atmosphere, further increasing the complexity of the rum’s character.

Let’s pause there for a second. Flor de Caña barrelhouses, in specific, are a magical place, having experienced one firsthand. You breathe in sweet rum vapors, with the angels share of barrel-aged spirit wrangling its way into every sinus cavity and exposed pore on your body. That’s where you feel the presence of the rum itself, along with five proud generations of rum making in a country that’s experienced a historical geo-political rollercoaster, from Pacific Rim-driven natural disasters to revolutions to nationalization and the emergence of a blossoming tourist economy thanks to those mysterious volcanoes and pristine beaches.

That barrelhouse is a symbolic synthesis of Nicaragua into Flor de Caña, a euphoric feast of the senses unlike any other distilling experience in the world. It’s somehow made more sublime by tapping cask strength rum that’s been stashed in it’s oak home since the early ’90s.

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If we’re really looking for a delightful after-dinner cocktail or a stiff one after a hard day’s work, we’re picking up where bourbon sometimes falls short, and grabbing a pour of some barrel-aged rum. Case in point? Flor de Caña. This Nicaraguan rum company has been producing some of the best rum on the planet since 1890, more than 125 years.

When they invited us out to Managua to visit their distillery and learn more about their products and how, exactly, they go about producing some of the most popular rum in the world (They’re Nicaragua’s #1 exported brand, and they were ranked the number one rum producer in the world at 2017’s International Wine and Spirit Competition), we took them up on the offer.

Not only did we get to sample the expressions under their label (both the 12- and 18-Year now live on the shelves of our home bar), but we also got to tour the distillery, where we learned what makes For de Caña unique.

Sampling Rum at the Number One Rum Distiller in the World

Those Volcanos? They Matter

When you first arrive at the Flor de Caña distillery, it’s difficult not to notice the massive mountainous volcano in the background. It’s the San Cristóbal Volcano, and yes, it’s active. In fact, for better or worse, it’s the most active volcano in Nicaragua, and last erupted in 2014—they were tiny explosions, but explosion nonetheless.

Why’d they set up shop so close to a potentially catastrophic volcano? Well, one reason is that the volcanic ash is full of minerals and nutrients that leave the soil incredibly fertile, making it ideal for farming the sugarcane their rum depends on. Even the water is extra pure, thanks in part to the porous land it filters through.

Perhaps most importantly, the environment itself makes the maturation process unique. You’d probably think Flor de Caña, big as they are, has some kind of gigantic underground climate-controlled bunker where they age their products, but the process is surprisingly old school. They store their barrels in massive warehouses (called bodegas) located on the distillery grounds, and everything from the altitude to the fluctuation in weather is taken into account during maturation period. Every single detail somehow affects the final product, which means that win, lose, or draw, Flor de Caña will always be Flor de Caña.


El Renacimiento del Ron

According to Breakthru Beverage Group’s latest article “in 2017 sales of the ultra-premium rum segment increased by 15.8% in the U.S., signaling a new wave of premiumization across consumer purchases.” Millennial consumers are leaving Rum and Coke behind and seeking out spirits with a story.


“They want to know more about a spirit’s history, how and where it is made, as well as the people behind it.”


Rums are not sweet


The article belies the myth that all rums are sweet. Ashela Richardson, brand ambassador for Flor de Caña in the United States, explains that this myth is simply not true. Flor de Caña Rum, like any other spirit drink, undergoes fermentation during which yeast converts all sugars into alcohol. From there, the rum is 100% naturally aged in bourbon casks, without sugar or artificial additives.


Read the full article here: http://www.breakthrubev.com/news/aged-rum-styles


Learn more about Flor de Caña’s Super Premium and Ultra Premium Rums

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23 JANUARY 2018


The Central American nation of Nicaragua is in the spotlight this week after Jack Brooksbank proposed to his long-term girlfriend Princess Eugenie during a holiday there.

Sandwiched between Costa Rica and Honduras, and with both Caribbean and Pacific coasts, Nicaragua is enjoying something of a tourism boom – overnight visits to the country rose by around 25 per cent last year, to almost two million, according to early estimates.

In fact, it was recently named one of Telegraph Travel’s top 20 destinations to visit in 2018. So what’s the big draw?

If neighbouring Costa Rica is a surfing paradise, then Nicaragua is a surfing secret: surf bunnies have been coming here as an alternative for years in search of Pacific waves along the coast’s secret coves. Among the best bases is the Mukul Resort, owned by the family behind the country’s Flor de Caña rum. Their four-day Ultimate Surf Package includes surfboard rental, surf excursions by boats to different breaks, including Veracruz and Rancho Santa Ana, and airport transfers.

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Flor de Caña 25 Year

Published on Saveur Magazine
January 3rd, 2018

Flor de Caña 25 Year: As Roberto Serrallés touched upon, a warm climate spirit aged beyond 20 years is nothing short of a feat given the setbacks brought on by the climate. Flor de Caña’s 25 Year, which was released under the brand’s Centenario collection, is the highest marquee in the portfolio; it’s been aged in white oak bourbon barrels sealed with plantain leaves resulting in a very unique tropical flavor profile. This rum won “Best Rum of the Year 2017” at the International Rum Congress in Madrid.

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Flor de Caña, the premium rum brand from Nicaragua, has been named Best Rum in the World by various prestigious international organizations.

#1 Rum Producer in the World

International Wine and Spirit Competition

#1 Rum on the Planet

The Huffington Post

2017 Best Rum of the Year

International Rum Conference in Madrid

Among the Finest Products in the World

San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Best New Rum of the Year

Caribbean Journal

Design Masters

The Spirits Business of London

Flor de Caña, a 5th generation single family estate rum, is naturally aged without sugar, additives or artificial ingredients, enriched by an active volcano and distilled with 100% renewable energy.

best rum in the world

Nicaragua is the #1 country to visit in Condé Nast’s “Top 10 Holiday Destinations in January 2018”

“Warning: a youthful wanderlust may return when you read this feature about Nicaragua. Quite possibly the Central American country that has it all: tropical rainforests and untouched beaches, fringed with palms, distant cloud-capped volcanoes, and recently some extraordinarily special eco-lodges. January has the double blessing of being the month with the best temperatures everywhere, and also the least rainfall (barely any at all) on Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast.”


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