Flor de Caña, a sustainably sourced premium rum from Nicaragua, has become one of the first global spirit brands to be Fair Trade certified, the most prestigious and rigorous certification in the world related to excellence in labor conditions, economic opportunity for workers, community development, and environmental sustainability. The certification was issued by Fair Trade USA after verifying that the raw ingredients used in the production of the Nicaraguan rum are made in compliance with over 300 rigorous social, environmental and labor standards.

“In the spirits industry, the trend toward environmental sustainability and social responsibility is just beginning,” said Paul Rice, President & CEO of Fair Trade USA. “Flor de Caña is one of the early trailblazers in this space, and is one of just a few spirits companies to adopt Fair Trade practices in their supply chain. We’re excited by this partnership and the ripple effect that it’s poised to create.”

Sustainable growth has been a core value of Flor de Caña throughout its 125-year history, with a holistic focus on the Environment, Employees, and Community.

Flor de Caña’s commitment to the environment can be seen through the company’s industry-leading practices – the rum has been distilled using 100% renewable energy for over a decade and, for the past 12 years, the team at Flor de Caña has planted 50,000 trees annually (an area 2x the size of NYC’s Central Park).

Since 1913, the company school has offered free education to 600 children of its employees, and since 1958 the company hospital has offered free medical attention to employees and their families (over 2,500 births to date).

Flor de Caña has also focused on the community for a long time. For over 25 years, the brand has been the main donor of APROQUEN, a Nicaraguan non-profit that has provided over 500,000 free medical services to child burn victims and children with cleft lip or palate.

About Flor de Caña Rum
Flor de Caña is a super premium, 5th generation family estate rum from Nicaragua. Enriched by an active volcano, naturally aged without sugar, and distilled with 100% renewable energy. Flor de Caña is present in over 50 countries and was named the 2017 Best Rum Producer of the Year by the International Wine and Spirits Competition in London. www.flordecana.com

In 2017, Nicaraguan premium rum brand Flor de Caña reached the pinnacle of the spirits industry when it was named Best Rum Producer of the Year by the International Wine and Spirit Competition in London, No. 1 Sipping Rum on the Planet by HuffPost and Best Rum of the Year by the International Rum Conference in Madrid.

But getting there wasn’t easy. Through its history, the brand, company and family have lived through a plane crash, dictatorships, civil war, nationalizations, hyperinflation, fires, hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Throughout all this, and against all odds, the company has also been able to remain a family business for five generations. For context, only .03 percent of family businesses make it to the fifth generation.

The story of this iconic rum began more than 125 years ago with a young explorer and visionary from Genoa, Italy, Alfredo Francisco Pellas Canessa. In 1875, at the age of 25, he risked everything by leaving behind his family and comforts of the old continent to travel to the relatively unknown country of Nicaragua.

At the time, everyone wanted to get to California for the Gold Rush, but it took up to six months to cross the entire U.S. territory on horseback or sail around southern tip of South America, through Cape Horn. Savvy as he was, Alfredo Francisco saw an opportunity and invested in a steamboat route to transport passengers and goods from the East Coast of the U.S. to the West Coast, passing through a dry and wet canal in Nicaragua. This route was a huge success, as it took only 35 days.

But when news broke about the construction of the Panama Canal and as the U.S. drew closer to completing a coast-to-coast railroad, Alfredo Francisco knew it was time to sell his stakes and set out on a new chapter.

In 1890, he came across the most fertile lands in the country and decided that was the perfect spot to establish the Flor de Caña distillery, right at the base of the San Cristóbal volcano, the tallest and most active volcano in Nicaragua. He chose this location carefully; the fertility of its soil, enriched water and hot volcanic climate to which the handcrafted barrels are exposed during the aging process contribute to the rum’s unique flavor.

World's Best Rum

Today, with a portfolio of rums aged from four up to 25 years, Flor de Caña is one of the most highly regarded premium rum brands in the world. It’s also deeply committed to sustainability practices: It is distilled 100 percent with renewable energy and is Fair Trade certified.

More than 125 years later, the entire production process continues under the supervision of the same family (five generations of mastery and family values), achieving perfection in rum making.

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Peter Boyle, the famed Sydney-based poet, presented the universal poetry collection entitled “Legacy Edition”, which contains the works of 49 poets representing 38 countries in 16 original languages.

The anthology, with a global circulation of 300,000 copies, was created by premium rum brand Flor de Caña to pay tribute to artists around the world.

Boyle, who won the 2017 Kenneth Slessor Prize and was shortlisted for the Adelaide Festival Award for Poetry, is part of this collection with his poem “Robert Frost at Eighty”. Other renowned international artists included in the book are Anthony Phelps (Canada), Richard Blanco (USA), Mario Meléndez (Chile), Jonathan Davidson (UK), Jidi Majia (China) and Chân Phoung (Vietnam).

It has been presented successfully in various countries around the world including Nicaragua, Peru, Bolivia, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, China and Vietnam. The universal nature of the anthology, selected by Honduran poet Rolando Kattan, has drawn the attention of poetry and literature fans.

The book is part of a special edition of the Flor de Caña 12 Year and Flor de Caña 18 Year rums. The original artwork by Augusto Silva featured on the exterior showcases his artful interpretation of the San Cristobal volcano, the most active in Nicaragua, which has become so iconic to the Flor de Caña brand for being the place where its rums are born and aged. The fertility of its soil, the volcanic climate to which the barrels are exposed during the aging process and the enriched volcanic water contribute in creating a singularly smooth and deliciously balanced rum.

About Flor de Caña
Flor de Caña is a super premium, 5th generation single family estate rum from Nicaragua. Enriched by an active volcano, naturally aged without sugar, additives or artificial ingredients and distilled with 100% renewable energy. It is present in over 40 countries and was named the 2017 Best Rum Producer of the Year by the International Wine and Spirit Competition in London.

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Flor de Caña comes-a-calling.

Newcomer on the old block of KL’s illustrious Changkat Bukit Bintang, the grand dame of bar streets in our modest little city, the Rum Bar KL sits, tucked prettily towards the end of the street, quiet and beckoning with its old world décor. The cozy little bar stocks over 300 labels of rum, making it one of the city’s first and most well-stocked rum joint. And on a balmy Saturday evening with skies the color of molten silver, Flor de Caña, the most awarded rum in the world, launched with equally quiet dignity. Its bevy of accolades make it the number one rum in the world, as well as Best Rum of the Year at the International Rum Conference in Madrid just last year.

This remarkable name might be new to our humble little realm, but over the world, the 125-year old brand has, since 1890 grown to become Nicaragua’s premier exported brand. Its heritage and tradition continue unchanged over the decades with the fifth generation of the Pellas family remaining at the helm of the company to date. Their commitment to expert craftsmanship, procuring and using only the finest natural ingredients and its unique Slow-Aged process make it deserving of its many awards. “Aged at the base of one of Nicaragua’s most active volcano, our 6000 acres of sugar canes and rich, volcanic soil give Flor de Caña its full, distinctive flavor,” Cristina Casado, International Commercial Manager for the brand shares. Distilled with 100% renewable energy, this also makes this a suitably sustainable tipple.

Flor de Cana 25 Year Bottle

The brand’s premium line, the Premium Flor de Caña has received no less than 180 international awards, consisting of the Flor de Caña 25 year, Flor de Caña 18 year and Flor de Caña 12 year. The 25 is its ultra-premium baby, elegant and dark amber in color, it has an aroma that brings to mind vanilla, wood and dark cocoa notes with a nutty, caramel finish. The middle child, and as always the precocious one, the 18-year-old is stunning, brilliant and wont to shine with a full-bodied and rich complex flavor that lingers with a long and smooth finish. Almost two decades in its making, its artisanal excellence can be savored in every last drop. The youngest, the 12-year-old is reddish in tone, humble, semi-sweet and neat. Drink with a splash of water or soda for a quiet explosion of simple aromas.

For this article, Men’s Health selected the most unique and premium liquor brands to give your old man the perfect gift. Flor de Caña’s 25 Year bottle is, of course, in that list. Described as “…a luxury to sip” Flor de Caña is, once again, among the best rums in the world.

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With the unique options from the William Grant & Sons portfolio of premium spirits, Old Liquors Magazine pulled together a nice variety of bottles to “spirit dad away” on his holiday. Flor de Caña 25 Years, considered the best rum in the world, had to be on the list, of course. For those who want to treat dad to an armchair adventure, consider these gifts bottled and ready!

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Pop an ice cube into this amber-hued Nicaraguan rum-aged in ex-bourbon and whiskey barrels-and watch as fragrant banana and caramel open up to notes of dried fruit, vanilla and spices. This is everything you want in a super premium sipping rum.

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Flor de Caña was awarded a Gold Medal at the 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, which was the biggest in its history, featuring more than 2,200 entries. Products awarded a Gold Medal are considered exceptional and near the pinnacle of achievement in their particular category; these products set the standard for all others of their type.

Flor de Caña wins Gold Medal at the 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Learn more about the Flor de Caña 18 Yr.

Flor de Caña is a super premium, 5th generation single family estate rum from Nicaragua. Enriched by an active volcano, naturally aged without sugar, additives or artificial ingredients and distilled with 100% renewable energy. It is present in over 40 countries and was named the 2017 “Best Rum Producer of the Year” by the International Wine and Spirit Competition in London. Manufactured and distributed by Compañía Licorera de Nicaragua, S.A. (CLNSA).

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Flor de Caña is 100% sugar free, void from artificial colours and flavours. For the rest of the week our bus would happily sip from their bottomless cups. Macuás soon became a staple in our diets, acceptable at any time from breakfast to dinner.

Throughout the week, the rum gave us courage to complete a dozen or so activities that would seem daunting sober. Surfing down the side of an active volcano, tackling 5-foot waves in the Pacific Ocean, or hiking through coffee farms full of fire ants (eep!).

Whether exploring volcanos or walking through markets, Flor de Caña was always within reach – not only via Freddy, but throughout Nicaragua. Flor de Caña bottles glistened on the shelves of bars, restaurants and hotels. Local shops and tourist spots proudly hang Flor de Caña logo tanks and t-shirts in the windows as if were their local sports team. As Nicaragua’s most exported brand, the power and presence of Flor de Caña throughout the country is undeniable and incomparable to anything Canada. Seriously, it’s bigger than Tim’s.

Why are Nicaraguans, and people alike, so passionate about Flor de Caña? Maybe because the product is steeped in tradition, history and family – things all of us hold close to our hearts.

Flor de Caña itself is produced with help from Nicaragua’s biggest volcano – and most active – volcano, San Cristóbal. The rich volcanic soil and nutrient-packed water grow and strengthen the sugar cane plant to prep it for harvest and rum production. The volcanic environment also helps the evaporation process and aids the barrels in better flavouring the rum.