Discover Nicaragua: Home to the Best Rum in the World

Published on HOLR on May 2nd, 2018

Flor de Caña is 100% sugar free, void from artificial colours and flavours. For the rest of the week our bus would happily sip from their bottomless cups. Macuás soon became a staple in our diets, acceptable at any time from breakfast to dinner.

Throughout the week, the rum gave us courage to complete a dozen or so activities that would seem daunting sober. Surfing down the side of an active volcano, tackling 5-foot waves in the Pacific Ocean, or hiking through coffee farms full of fire ants (eep!).

Whether exploring volcanos or walking through markets, Flor de Caña was always within reach – not only via Freddy, but throughout Nicaragua. Flor de Caña bottles glistened on the shelves of bars, restaurants and hotels. Local shops and tourist spots proudly hang Flor de Caña logo tanks and t-shirts in the windows as if were their local sports team. As Nicaragua’s most exported brand, the power and presence of Flor de Caña throughout the country is undeniable and incomparable to anything Canada. Seriously, it’s bigger than Tim’s.

Why are Nicaraguans, and people alike, so passionate about Flor de Caña? Maybe because the product is steeped in tradition, history and family – things all of us hold close to our hearts.

Flor de Caña itself is produced with help from Nicaragua’s biggest volcano – and most active – volcano, San Cristóbal. The rich volcanic soil and nutrient-packed water grow and strengthen the sugar cane plant to prep it for harvest and rum production. The volcanic environment also helps the evaporation process and aids the barrels in better flavouring the rum.

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