Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

APROQUEN (Asociación Pro Niños Quemados)

Flor de Caña has been the main donor to APROQUEN since being founded in 1991. The mission of this nonprofit organization is to provide free medical services to child burn victims and children born with cleft lips and palates. The Flor de Caña brand has funded more than 500,000 free medical services provided by APROQUEN over the past 25 years.

15 years supporting education: INCAE

For the past 15 years, Flor de Caña has contributed significantly to the scholarship fund of the prestigious INCAE Business School, the premier school of business in Latin America, thus promoting progress in the region by supporting education.

American Nicaraguan Foundation (ANF): Helping relieve poverty in Nicaragua

Flor de Caña has been a strong supporter of the American Nicaraguan Foundation (ANF) for the past 15 years. ANF is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to reduce the impact of poverty on the lives of the most vulnerable populations in Nicaragua. By supporting ANF, Flor de Caña has helped create opportunities and better futures for the underprivileged sectors of the country.

Recycling Program

Flor de Caña has a recycling program through which 250 tons of cardboard, 700 tons of glass and 76,000 pounds of the plastic are recycled every year.

Nicaraguan Institute for the Promotion of Responsible Consumption (INPROCRES)

Responsible consumption is at the top of the CSR ladder for Flor de Caña. Along with the national brewing company, the INPROCRES was established 4 years ago with the purpose of regulating marketing practices and assisting over 200,000 parents in how to talk about alcohol with their children. The Organization of American States (OAS) endorses this initiative since January 2016.